Rose-Colored Boy

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Author Sunset
Tags action author:sunset unrated
Created 2019-09-30
Last Modified 2019-09-30
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Map Data

Description Dedicated to lord_day, for giving me feedback on the N++ version of this map. I spent almost a day and a half making sure this map worked in 2.0, and then finding out that it partly worked for ++ after using sidke's code converter. I fixed it up for ++ first, and then for 1.4. There are three separate versions of this map, all of which play just about the same.

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hey bro, keep doing you

Most of the maps I had in the map pack are already published and I am not sure where I kept the text file; I highly doubt any of the unreleased maps are up to my standards.
Dang dude, stay the course! Also I like Paramore, too o.o


works well, a bit too tough for me though