CL. electric passage

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Tags author:fondaa featured funny unrated
Created 2016-04-24
Last Modified 2016-04-24
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Description cee ell

This map was featured on 2022-04-22

Mincing toward the cartography board clutching an armful of materials, ready for review, the ninja is abruptly startled by dismissive scorn.
"Oh, you shan't be needing any of those today, I'm afraid."
"What?!" confused, they drop a marker, noisily clattering onto uneven tiles below.
"Yeet! We're doing something completely arbitrary instead!" another, parrotlike voice squeaks gleefully.
"You run gauntlet!" roars a third, approximating grey noise farting.
"But... I'm a mapmaker! I ain’t ready for those erratic drones!"
"No problem! We’re the Fun Committee™, not the Safety Squad™!”
Without warning, the speaker headlocks the ninja, hurling them through a waiting door.

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Honestly, the routing feels a bit discombobulating, but I did get some enjoyment from highscoring. I can get out of the bottom bit a bit faster, but I think it leads to a bottleneck at the end.
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Cool concept

Feels like a draft of an idea than a finished map, though.


yeaaaa so engaging and cool
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soooooooort of...

faster is still possible
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I cant complete it

pretty great

Also trippy! You have some really interesting ideas.