17-04:Sol Invictus

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Author Epic4ever
Tags action author:epic4ever hard-agd playable unrated
Created 2016-04-22
Last Modified 2016-04-22
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Description This one is hard.

Especially if you are going for the AGD and I haven't got it yet, maybe it is too hard but then again I'm no highscorer like EMG.

I think I got something good going in this map.

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Played this map and beat it on the first try. Notes: I spent an awful long time stuck on the bottom gauss turret, jumping back and forth as indicated by the black arrows. I also couldn't make the apparently intentional jumps on the blue paths, because the rocket would have killed me on the left, and that mine path on the right looks impossible and unnecessary, so I went with the simpler, boring green ones. So that's the sort of thing you want to avoid. I like the early part, and I guess the gold placement is okay, but what really shines in this map is the, er, style, which you have almost no weakness in. It's the other parts you have to work on.

Definitely one of the coolest-looking maps I've seen in a while.
I think it's pretty solid, too, but it's a bit much for me right now; I'll come back and try taking it slow next time.


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