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Author Tempus_Fugit
Tags author:tempus_fugit bollocks featured gauss launchpads rated traverse
Created 2015-08-31
Last Modified 2015-08-31
by 13 people.
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Description A misbegotten byproduct of my latest collaboration with Van. []
This map is utter bollocks, I admit. Be warned. And enjoy!
Oh, and a question: Should I submit this or my stupid bounceblock map to Traverse?

This map was featured on 2022-05-22

The wails of past victims are ground into memory, an unshakable symptom from long habitation within the cavern. Hounded by an unspeakable thirst, patrolling each bloody stalactite, you await patiently for fetid pools to collect of the only substance which will sate your demonic lust.

Drip, drip, drip, drip, drip...

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This is excellent.

Very strong visual design, inspired use of launchpads (that is one of the most creative things I've seen in n), the tiles are perfectly designed to make use of the mechanic and I love how the gameplay changes on the way there and back.

The rest of the object placement is super clean, too.


fast agd

I love this so much. really addicting to highscore on.
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Like if you're playing this in 2018
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this map truly may have been sparking my enthusiasm for highscoring maps again. thanks for that :)

Oh wow, thanks folks!



This is wonderful

Really great use of the tiles and launch pads. Everything just works so well together.

d'aww, thanks guys

glad y'all appreciate my bollocks ^_^
because this is truly an exceptional map, you should take every comment here very seriously. bravo sir.


what a fantastic map. The enemies work perfectly, and the launchpad mechanic is really interesting. Doesn't feel gimmicky or anything like that (as mechanic centric maps like this can), just really engaging.

I'd pick this for traverse. Bounceblock map was cool but not nearly as refined as this.
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middle section is so so good. Great map. I'll try to get a good demo. Been so many good maps lately


Crazy Fun

with a capital C and capital F

This is awesome
That one's super dope.


It's almost a puzzley jumper; you just have to figure out how to get past some of the stalactites. Terrible demo, but you get the idea.
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