N in a Clamshell

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Tags author:wcheeseface3 playable race rated
Created 2005-12-31
Last Modified 2006-03-16
by 23 people.
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Description -- WCHEESE's Bests Series Part 1
Yes, a race that takes place inside a giant clam. N is trapped and needs to collect all the pearls (gold/triggers) to get out of the clam.
This level was inspired by my Christmas dinner as well as a clam-shaped bar of soap 0_o. It isn't centred but not for lack of trying. The flow is easy to find but the level does contain some tricky jumps that might be hard for you to pull off. Anyways, please play/rate.

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i missed the exit. 4.5/5
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painful demo, so nearly completed! lol. great map, i don't know how you managed to make a completely symmetrical map like that work, just amazing really. 5/5 + faved
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Faved. Absolutely gorgeous level. And fun, too.

Nice job....

this is another good map. i like today, good races comin out.


Exact same time lol (you can watch mine to prove it is different. This map is very fun and has great flow. Great work. 5 and faved.
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oh lol

you overshot the exit...
anyway its quite fun but i still cant pull off the long jumps........4/5

Completion Demo

Here it is:
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