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Author SkyRay
Tags author:skyray unrated
Created 2014-10-28
Last Modified 2014-10-28
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Description we r

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yeah, sure

feel free to submit

the link, yah

hello SkyRay

progress on collab:
Firstly, after you explained how you did the trick with one-ways, I managed to pull it off myself! thanks to you :)
I didn't think there's much to add in the map, so I just added some thwumps around, to fill up the middle of the map. I guess there can be something more brought in, but it was kinda tough for me to come up with anything that isn't making it an overkill here (presence of rockets/lasers is quite powerful).
cause when I try to play it, it doesn't. also, it looks same as level data


I've got a problem.
You can call me a low-skill-trench-pleb, but I don't understand how do you move within our collab map. I mean, how do you bypass one-ways? Could you please show me a demo or explanation, perhaps?


sorry for making you wait so long. here's a tileset I came up with, together with some objects as 'stuff we could possibly include'
I think our routes are the same, Frax.
Demo Data

disregard previous demo
Demo Data

gold placement on the right side isn't very attractive, but i'm down with the rest of the map

Demo Data


let's collab. I'll send a tileset later, ok? 7AM over here.