Sharps & Lows

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy playable puzzle rated
Created 2014-09-12
Last Modified 2014-09-12
by 13 people.
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Description Pretty much a mash up of a few ideas I had been working on over the past few days. Tweaked this thing to death and for once I still liked it when I was done. ENJOY

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such one-ways. very diamonds
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That demo deserves a reward.


you can manually edit the coordinates in the textbox. If you place an object (other than the ninja) it becomes the last item in the box. You can easily find it that way by just editing immediately after placing each one.

First try run

Major goddammit moment 5/5
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Fuckin Yahoozy

make a bad map for once

Sweet map

How do you get the z-snapped gold so perfect? Is it just really really careful clicking, or some program/technique I'm not aware of?


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it's fresh,


Slick mechanics.

And z-snap gold!

But more importantly, super fun.


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Demo Data

good job dying on the first mine IDIOT
thanks for ruining this sub 200
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Excellent map

that gold at the end especially is so fun. Neat
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because why not

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