Gold is your friend

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Author kirbs
Tags action author:kirbs playable unrated
Created 2005-12-27
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Try to collect all gold.

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Yeah, I know what they are. I'll edit this map later/soon/some time.


Another word of advice, those mines on the circular shapes look much too out of place. Try using the or snap to place them ON the circles.
If you don't know what the and snaps are, go into debug editor mode and press or in the item placer mode.


This map really needs more threat. As it is, it's a nice set up, but far too dull to warrent any kind of replay.

Example: The bottom section is perfect for a floor guard/guass turret combo, while the long vertical passage on the right if shortened, would be perfect to house a thwump.

You've got a semi-decent level here, just feels a little incomplete.