light and dark strokes

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Author nitrile
Tags author:nitrile challenge contesque dark featured light rated strokes
Created 2012-12-01
Last Modified 2013-01-18
by 6 people.
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Description this one's a doozy. reminds me of compartment, though i didn't realize that until i had finished the level.

edit: contesque'd

This map was featured on 2019-05-26

"light and dark strokes" by nitrile is an aptly named map that makes great use of two visual ideas. The first, a progression of linearly spaced stripes that form the backbone of the tileset, the second, three bouncing bands outlined only by the space they cut. Three gauss turrets guard the main channels of movement; one further turret protects the gold found at the back of the room. The map can be played cautiously, hide in the nooks and take shortcuts between locations, or in a swift fashion, effortlessly run through the channels while still remaining wary of searching turrets. — lord_day

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yet here we see it actually realised, fantastic selection.


Beautifully designed map. Gameplay is really interesting, with lots of different paths available, and the map looks great.

Terrific feature!
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GUYS !!!!!!!


The space is increasing linearly.
move the starting place and it would improve the map I think.


This map it's just wonderful! How its works and how its looks!
Really nice to highscore doing some cool stuff and tricks.
Take a 5 from me.

Great map.

I'm a fan of both the gameplay and the look.