Progression of a Second Dream

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Author tempaccount
Tags action author:tempaccount nreality numacon playable rated sleepy
Created 2011-09-18
Last Modified 2011-09-18
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description You know that lull when a dream starts to take shape?

Alternate version to 217050 []: (will delist one or the other)

"You can wake up if you like .. but why would you want to?

warning: 2nd map, nreality, and for whatever reason, rather laggy (so its sleepier .. right?). Without the nreality gimmicks see 216865 []."

Figured since I've spent two weeks on this that I might as well have a version without lag too. I do prefer the nreality mods in the original, however. The tileset is very loosely based on some image I found from Google by searching for "dream castle". Thanks to romaniac, thereisaspoon for comments on a previous version.

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great map.

I had a beautiful run for the first part, but then got killed on the mine after I opened the alternate universe.



pretty good map.

i'll give a 4/5

thanks tempaccount

is this just a temporary account and if so whats your normal account name?
So, how do you want to do this collab? What should the collab be? Where should we do this collab? Any mods in mind?

So many questions that need answering. :P

I mean...

Sure. We could sit around and sit through hundreds of maps. Why do you have to save your best maps for the 80's or the 00's numbers? You could just submit maps and know that each one of them is of good quality, or at least a quality that you like.
The prizes are for us reaching checkpoints. There is an incentive to reach a checkpoint, so it is important to keep submitting maps in the hope that you'll have the map that hits the checkpoint, that way you get a prize. Who cares if your map is the best of the best? Most of the best maps NUMA has do not fall on a special number.
Think of them as checkpoints toward our progress. Not as the map number which you have to save your best maps for.
because when i did it i just put all the bounce nlocks in at once & there are 4 sets of bounce blocks (+ a retarded one) & the code went somthong like this: 0,1 or 1,1 or 0,# or 1,# or 2,# or 3,#

and then i had to get the right speed

# = nothing
cuz we have practice. im literally a simple challenge freak

a lot of thanks

thanks the feedback and advices tempaccount, i'm thinking and preparing one 'real' Alarm Drone Prisoner concept map, where he is more effective and more involved in the game, and just focus on that. I think it's a good idea, and thank you and lsudny for teaching me the way.


awesome demo :P it might have to be a while in the future but fancy a collab?

no problem :D


It has been taken out.


you forgot your password?
it is saved on your .sol savefile!
just open it with notepad and search for your username, you will find your password next to it, as well as your email :D
its not encrypted, do it and tell me if you succeed

Oh ok.

I was thinking about continuing the Featured Maps videos on Youtube for you. Is that fine with you?


I'll put the exit a little farther in.

Hey tempaccount.

Do you use SnagIt to make your videos on Youtube?

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