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Author trala
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Created 2011-03-21
Last Modified 2011-03-21
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Description my first DDA.. hope you like it :P


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prob is only that my DDA's are not that great^like door-eries way better^^
I tend to do this for new users who want to start DDAs.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.

Not bad.

You seem to understand the different types of propulsion well, the trapdoor propulsion specifically. But most DDA makers, like myself, don't use launchpads at all, or at least rarely use. I use trapdoor a lot. Try not to use launchpads at all. Also, gold delay is bad, too.

The most important thing about DDAs is the fact about close calls. Close calls are points at which the ninja and an enemy almost hit each other, or at least almost kill the ninja. In my opinion, the most impressive close calls involve rockets and chainguns. I don't step too much into chainguns, but rockets are my specialty.

There are different types of DDA, there are KRADDAs (Keep Rocket Alive Don't Do Anything), these involve where the ninja and rocket are "alive" throughout the entire duration of the DDA. CTRDDA (Chase The Rocket Don't Do Anything), it is basically a KRADDA, but these involve where the ninja actually chases the rocket, these are extremely hard to make and the close calls can be very impressive. Finally, Multi-enemy where there are multiple enemies.

Hopefully you found this helpful. As for the map, try to experiment with more types of propulsion, and lessen the mines.

Agree with lsudny



Terrible mine spam

but not very bad for a first dda.