Thwump Race

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Tags author:klumpeet playable race rated
Created 2005-12-08
by 10 people.
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Description I've been working on this one for about a month (on and off) now, and i cant believe its finally finished. Please dont have one play at it, say "too hard" and rate it down, because it is possible, i promise. Please play, rate, fastest demo wins dedication, and most of all, enjoy.

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i... i love you
this map... *orgasms*

Looks good

But my only problem is that sometimes i think i go to fast because i always catch that blue drone on the way down so sometimes i have to hang back in order to miss it


well done Xanderj, i'll make you a dedication if nobody posts a faster demo in a couple of days time.


Yay!! I won Finally. Took me forever.
Demo Data


sorry, 5 1/2 lines.


I here is a demo for the first 6 1/2 lines
Demo Data

I really dislike

That third floor from the top. Not only is the laser extranneous, the beginning part is just stupidly hard.


Absolutely despise the name of this map.
The map's pretty good, though.

my furthest

as of yet. a really great, and as ianb said, well thought out map.
Demo Data


fantastic. Really well thought out, and a proper challenge.
Demo is in the works.


couldnt get past first row. Sometimes 1 mine can cross the line from challenging to too hard. try tweaking a bit or a demo, just to prove its possible.


too hard. BUT i am not going to rate it down on that because i am not gonna rate it at all!