6 Years Siege

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Author maximo
Tags action aniversary author:maximo drones playable siege unrated
Created 2010-11-13
Last Modified 2010-11-13
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Map Data

Description I realized today I've been mapping for over six years. Holy Crap.

So I made a map. Siege also happens to be a card game I made, so this means double to me. This map represents a lot of my new stylings as well as some of my old trademarks.

I enjoy this map a ton, hope you guys do too.

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no kidding tktktk

Great to see you!


woah tktktk!


And here's hoping for many more years to come.

6 years!!!...I value and appreciate your perseverance.
playing a flash game for six years is pretty incredible. for me, I found this game in my freshman year of high school, so that's about 5 years now. And I'm still excited about a new version. unbelievable
Good thing I popped into Numa today.

Completely agree

you were a lucky one :(


if only I had known about NUMA from the beginning; I would've been playing your maps from the start. I started N seven years ago but nobody told me about this place :<


First try APGD


I wouldn't have minded a resub of Plue. :D
Demo Data

The start

But beating that drone into the first E is always satisfying.
Demo Data