Gay Octopus

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Author flagmyidol
Tags action author:flagmyidol unrated
Created 2010-06-18
Last Modified 2011-05-18
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Description 2 am summer night

i don't mind
i don't care

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Centos []

I won't ever forgive you, honey.
I played it, and I was wrong.
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between the rocket and those two mines. That placement is superb.
The left gauss was possibly a bit annoying to get the upper switch but that doesn't really matters. This map is great.

You're right about the one-way, thanks much.

Damn that was fun

Although, I'm assuming that the one way in the centre tunnel wasn't meant to be there? Or am I missing something?

Anyway, here's an AGD with the one way deleted.

And as a map, yeah, I love the flow, I love the challenge, it's really replayable.

Great map all around mate, staying in my faves.
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Very tough.

But I love how much flow there is in such a confined space.

I also love how despite the number of enemies and obstacles, they all feel like they've been placed with great intent. Faved for another go at a later date.
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It's 12:13 am here. Poland. :D