Slope Jumping

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Author banannakid
Tags author:banannakid test unrated v1.3c
Created 2004-09-28
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description I suck too much to tell wether or not this map is possible.

This is based off of people liking my map here:

Moral: Don't say you like a map or that it's fun unless you actually like it or think it's fun; otherwise, you'll most likely get more! ;)

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i owned you all!
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I'm fastest

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i did it in rekord timing
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Sorry, Royi.

You're only supposed to use the jump key.


Sorry, guys...
But I didnt know you are only supposed to use the jump button!

And no, I don't think it is possible...


Most people would find it obvious that you have to open the doors to beat the level.

Which reminds me; you're only supposed to use the jump button, no others.


there isnt much slope jumpinh onvolved, and its kinda easy. see my demo.
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