Life in a Glasshouse

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Author ska
Tags author:ska glasshouse one-way puzzle rated vankusss zen
Created 2010-06-08
Last Modified 2010-06-08
by 8 people.
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Description All Gold Completion is very much possible.

Dedicated to vankusss

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3.5/5 and reply

And that I didn't comment that you're other maps are poor. That map was. This map for example is quite ok (although it isn't on your normal level IMO).

that clarinet fucking kills me everytime, epic song


that was a radiohead reference. i love the way Thom's voice harmonises with the trumpet.

cheers man

very tight run! amazing! as for the key.. it's not /that/ hard. you just need to time your jumps and have some patience. It was never my intention for this to be easy :P my 360th map will be dedicated to you :D


i think that the key ruins the whole map for most players, it would be better to put there some door switch which allows you to get more gold rather than make the map unplayable for most people on numa :P
Demo Data

143.075 ~ AGD

Obviously a ded to anyone who beats this highscore run on Nreality. This run is actually using a faster route than i had origianlly intended which is cool!
Demo Data