Old Yellow Bricks

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Author Izzy
Tags action author:izzy monkeys muse numacon rated
Created 2010-06-01
Last Modified 2010-06-02
by 17 people.
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Description You are a fugitive, but you don't know what you're running away from.

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Outside the context of muse, I really enjoy this map. It's delightfully old-school, and has a cool sense of space and openness. Great tension arc with the seeker.
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and I came back to play this again, and made a faster demo.
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Hell yeah

this is old school in a way.


I'm looking for a few people for a collab group for Cheez's contest on the forums, wondering if you want to join. Message me back if your interested


This was an interesting and fun interpretation of the review. I was surprised by the flow, specifically in the middle section with the thwump. Nice work, 4aved. And congratz on taking 4th.
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from the 5 finalists. It doesn't have the hidden enemies, it is fast with a flow, cheatable straight up the centre.

funny how you used all the enemies too.
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I like how it's more open than other maps in this comp have been. This was fun.

first try agd

rare to see interpretations with more open playing fields. i enjoyed it. seeker drone scares me a lot but i think it's because i'm a horrible player. traps are a nice touch. and the mine sandwiches are quite intimidating.
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Agree with Flag.

4aved though.



Neeeeeeeeever mind. I'm ... tired, in my defense.

Decent map, but I think you should have put less gold along the bottom and made it so that you had to ride the thwump up to the exit switch. Also disagreed with some of the mine placement.

Matching laser on the other one-way part would've made that a bit more interesting.

Izzy, are you supposed to beat the thwump to the exit switch, so you can use it as an elevator? I'm not coming anywhere near, and I'm having to wait around because of it.



Of course.