First Gorram Summer Dockside

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Author T3chno
Tags action author:t3chno collab flag flagmyidol rated
Created 2010-05-23
Last Modified 2010-05-23
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description <Techno> Name?
<flag> dunno something surreal
<flag> because it's a surreal landscape
<Techno> gloomp !dispense surreal_name 1
<gloomp> First Summer Dockside

Collaboration map with flagmyidol. Quite fun, so you all should check it out. :D

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And they're just jealous.

everyone hates your teleporters and by extension you techno

also i like the 4 rooms spot


The only thing I don't like are the launchpads :( Still awesome map. 4.5aved.
I really liked the bounceblocks and chainguns, but there was something about the rocket area I didn't like as much, or at least the transition to the gauss, or something... basically I preferred the bottom half, i guess. Still, I did rather like this.
whoops it is flag. hahaha good map! :P check out mine if you dont mind..
hmm? This was fun and I don't think I've ever played a "4 rooms" map that I've liked so much, if you're willing to classify it as such and even acknowledge that classification in the first place. Did not realize that was a teleporter the first time I played; did not like it when I found myself at the top of the map with a rocket running me down :P agd:
Demo Data

I thought it was


Nah, because the more fags, the less world population.

I like this and the people that aren't playing it are fags.


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