Crystal Spirits: Dead and Gone

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Author aerodynamic
Tags action author:aerodynamic collab fun playable unrated wordblamcreator
Created 2010-05-08
Last Modified 2010-05-25
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Description NOT my 100th map. It's actually #97. Collab w/ KoE []. Um... more words.

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we all map at different speeds, it's not like we all think at the same time when we'll map.

no problem with me

thrash it, trash it, whatever you like
I don't like many maps with the ninja in ground...sorry dude but it just wasn't fun.


97th map! awesome!

Happy 97th!


yeah, yeah, yeah :P

I only put in that notice because my profile says I have 100 right now...

happy 97'th map!




haha, that was fast

I guess I posted it at the right time then ;)


It's up!
unrated 'cuz it's a collab...
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