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Author vova124
Tags author:vova124 medium unrated
Created 2010-01-18
Last Modified 2010-01-18
Map Data

Description I from Russia. This text is stupidly translated through PROMT. If I am not clear is not guilty.

I of a current start to do cards покачто there is a horror here one of them.

Pleasant game.


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добро пожаловать в NUMA :D

Welcome to NUMA

This is surprisingly a very good map to play seeing as (like ZTHING said) aesthetically it doesn't look very good. I liked the placement of the floorgaurd though as it made a fair challenge for me to get the gold around it whilst keeping my flow. Anyway, keep mapping, it was a good map, I hope to see some more good maps from you.
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Welcome to NUMA

This is pretty bad aesthetic-wise, but surprisingly, it plays pretty well. Try to clean up your object placement and make your tilesets coherent. Just keep mapping and you'll improve rapidly.
so i made a new and faster one.. :D
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hanks for good words!

And the laser there that empty place was not)) it certainly shoots but only if slowly to play)


Very nice first map. Glad to see your varying your tiles already. Have fun here!

Laser got me. =P
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Welcome to NUMA

First try all gold demo :D
really nice.. nothing is spammend.. but the laser drone is useless..
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