Very Simple Challenge 3

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Author aerodynamic
Tags author:aerodynamic beatable hard simple unrated
Created 2009-12-01
Last Modified 2009-12-01
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Bring it. #2 [] #1 []

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Thanks for the AGD on my first map. I didn't think anyone would ever do it. I really appreciate that very much. I will send you a link when I post my 100th. Thanks again.

Tied Izzy

Probably can do it faster, but don't want to right now
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...Ok... I can't do it... I've tried... but just... can't.
wow, thereisaspoon, I've never heard of you before. Um, hi. Aw, zthing, I was hoping that was a completion.

Um, whatever, here's me beating it slower than izzy anyway:
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3rd try

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this one is harrrrd. i can only get to the 4th 2 block :(

Drones. Pwht.

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