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Author christine_columbus
Tags author:christine_columbus goldfishy playable unrated
Created 2009-07-31
Last Modified 2009-07-31
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Description I'm new here... I like N and I thought it would be really cool if I could show people my maps. :) Please talk to me about what you think.


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if I called him Mr. Blackson more, I wouldn't get banned so much.


I know what you mean maxson. I have a laser+rocket map on hot maps right now, and so far I'd say it came out pretty good.
Wow, so many nice comments. :)
it wouldn't be correct to say that they never work together (and i know nobody said that) but they definitely conflict often.

and getting a 2.5^ from blackson for your first submission is pretty good :D welcome to numa


Welcome. What blackson said is true, in a confined space, rockets and lasers usually aren't the ideal combo, but they can work well together in an open action map. I loved your gold placement, but the lock and key didn't look perfect. Overall I'd have to say 3/5. I think this is a great first. Keep up the awesome work.
:) ALL advice is very definitely appreciated!

Oh and

2.5, it's an average map. Up because I feel generous.


Generally, lasers and rocket don't work well together because while the rocket forces you to be constantly moving, the laser prevents where you can go. Often times this ends up in the rocket chasing you right into a laser beam. It's pretty good for a first, or at least first submitted.
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