Joker of a Thief

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Author ska
Tags abstract author:ska comic flow joker race rated
Created 2009-07-20
Last Modified 2009-07-20
by 8 people.
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i can taste the creative juices.
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awesome map

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Ha, cool.

What station was it?


non fbf in case anyone cares.
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great stuff

5aved, you actually did new and interesting things with the flow, without making it impossibly difficult. Fits together nicely too.

moar ska races pls. :)

and lol with the comic

I agree
you are quite good at them. The only things that I did not like were the top right side, which felt slightly cramped to me, and jumping off the 2/6 tiles, which felt quite odd to me.
And the comic even made me laugh


the fuck.
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