Every Crab in its Pot

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Author wulfgang
Tags author:wulfgang featured playable race rated
Created 2009-06-13
Last Modified 2009-06-13
by 20 people.
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Description The flow is a bit sloppy, I like it for the most part though.

Turned out slightly more difficult than I was expecting.

This map was featured on 2010-09-29

This is where wulfgang would live, if he lived in a map.

Come hang by the pool full of mines.
Relax in that bitchin' garden of gold.
Play limbo with that laser drone.
Shoot the bull with the chainguns.
Climb up the craggy tileset to the front door.
He is there to meet you.
Time for dinner.
Every crab in its pot. — al__cair__raheakallan

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Just out of pure curiosity, has anyone considered giving NUMA a makeover? (purely aesthetic)

academy of general dentistry
and ska seems slightly bitter.


AGD - All Gold Demo

oh noes!

PALEMOON's reviewing licence was revoked! Whatever will he do with his pitiful life now?

mmm tiles.



This is so not my style of race. I liked the review though, dunno what fotf is talking about.


eh, still think the maps just okay. same deal as before. Really poor review I thought, if you can't pull off doing reviews in that kinda style, than just go with a straight up description of the map, failed attempts and doing this kinda story or other creative-y style reviews are really ... ':/'
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Beautiful map, crafted so well and meticulously - fells like there's endless freedom in the tileset



really fun stuff. 5aved.
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This map is infuriating, and I won't stop until I have beat it.

You have destroyed me!
But it's extremely enjoyable both ways.


with a shortcut
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Sub-800 AGD

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i mean. right was enjoyable for me, left was not. basically. neither were especially great but yeah. anyway. i think you go for more stunted flow than me anyway, i got for kinda. not that stunted, but a little, and wacky i guess haha. mm.

awesomee, I remember when first played a race of yours a long time ago.
Nice stuff

Nice demos guys

It's odd fingers, I was much more happy with how the left played out.
the left i did not. it just seemed kinda. boring to be honest. mm nr because i can't really be bothered thinking what to rate it. heh :x
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I really loved the route, it was a lot more... experimental than your usual. Which is fairly hard to beleive ^^

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really fun

and loads of variety in the flow :)
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I don't play N much anymore, but I still stop by to check out races... I'm always excited when there's a new one from one of the 'pros' :)

Sorry this didn't get much attention, I liked it! The flow was quite tough to find without your demo, though.
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