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Author maxson924
Tags 01 011010010100 action author:maxson924 floorguards-a-plenty rated
Created 2009-05-22
Last Modified 2009-05-22
by 8 people.
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Description By the time I finished playtesting this, the sound of floorguards chasing me was stuck in my head. Of course, when there's 17 floorguards, that's kind of a given. Also, yes, this an E-tile-only map, so don't expect elaborate aesthetics; I didn't want that in this map anyway.

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maybe you should turn off the sound?

slow agd
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In my (as well as several others') opinion(s), it was fun. You don't have to be original in every single map; you just have to be original sometimes.

very generic


nice and simple

people seem to underrate those... 5/5 to help


It honestly was just a random assortment of binary code XD

But I'm glad that you figured that out because I probably would've ended up spending 3 minutes doing that later ;D


That's the number the binary represents.
But it's still great.


Speedrun, could be improved.
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Really basic, but entertaining and fast-paced.


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