London Bridge is Falling Down

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Author maxson924
Tags action author:maxson924 bridge lbifd london-bridge-is-falling-down unrated
Created 2009-05-13
Last Modified 2009-05-13
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Description I really like this map. CE!

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I think the locked doors ruined the map.

its funny

how almost all kid songs have to do with something bad

this little piggy = slaughterhouse
ring around the roses = black death
london bridge is falling down = ...well

Speedrun. It could have been better, but it's still worth posting.
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generally they're unattractive, but i would totally do that bottom-right floorguard.

realy, cos those floorguards all look the same to me
gameplay was up-beat with the alone sections, although I wish there was an enemy in the middle to keep you on your feet, standard gold placement, the map overall was satisfying to look at as well as play so nice job.

oh and that floorgaurd in the bottom corner is sexy as hell // as Chris, I'm so jealous. ;)

lucky shot
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but i think it's okay to change maps after posting them if it's important; that's what the edit button is for. i had playtested that route, but i guess i'm not good enough to do that, so i had no idea ;)

i have 1st...

:D Kool-aid shall be jealous!


on nreality, too
nice map
you shouldn't change maps after posting them :/ i have an unbeatable 0th now (you should knew that that route was possible)
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edited again
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no it was not





was this intentional?
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