the spears of justice crucify

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Author meta_oinka
Tags author:meta_oinka oh-noes rated
Created 2009-05-05
Last Modified 2009-05-05
by 5 people.
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Description against telephone poles

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Slow AGD

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Pretty nice map you got going for yourself. I decimated all of the nreality speedruns by the way.
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Demo Data

Check Pms

i sent the map.


A nasty little challenge you've created! And I love it!
After like a hundred tries, here's the best all-gold demo I managed to get without using frame-by-frame.. Its possible to slim down the time quite a bit by going from the other side of the mine and straight to the door, but I'm done with it for now. : D
I love the mines on the sides, and the whole symmetry thing works very well on this one! The only thing that really bothered me was the two door keys on the other side, one would have been enough..
It's sad how unnoticed this map has gone, for it's really much more than what it looks like! Keep up the good work!
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