Piano Wire

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Author TheAdster
Tags action atob author:theadster nnrpg puzzle race rated
Created 2008-12-16
Last Modified 2008-12-16
by 25 people.
Map Data

Description Challenging ATOB's gym with a 3 lazer drone map.

A sprint-based map; if you're not running, you're probably dead.

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(without NReality)
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hard map
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The lasers work very well. My only concern is having to stay afloat under the one-ways on the second pass for the second laser. Other than that, really great gameplay.
This is a really cool map.

Just fantastic. The timing of the lasers was the best part because all of it was just so perfect. My only concern is that it ended to quickly. As in, the ending was way to easy and was a bit dissapointing. Nonetheless...

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Great timing, fun race.
a lot easier. faved.


Yeah, I agree with the difficulty thing. Originally, this started off as nothing but the first lazer drone part with a more stylized look, made for a simple collection of maps I put together for myself. I saw the opportunity to expand this for the NNRPG, and I took it. I'd wanted to end it after the second drone, but the third was required.




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I tried to make a map like this a while ago, but I couldn't manage it. You did it really well, 5aved
check out my map please!

As to say it got easier further on, which didn't work to it's advantage, I don't think. It was still very fun, and thoughtful, too.


sub 800

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sick map.

i love the race tension.

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i beat it

it was pretty easy though after the second laser was done
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if im not dying

im probably dead already


amazing. Wow. 5. AGD. Lightning pwns, but does not pwn TheAdster. T_T
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Awesome stuff.

Lasers were cool. Nice timings and whatnot.
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"if you're not running, you're probably dead"

I absolutely adore that phrase.

All Golder.

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