Only You can prevent forest rockets

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Author Logan_
Tags author:logan_ fun play rated
Created 2008-12-07
Last Modified 2008-12-07
by 13 people.
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Description =] 2nd map, this is my second account my other one is "phuck"


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┬┐What that hell? Jaja very nice..
The floor guard kill me. :( but nice...
but still, they all are good, and the tree one is funny =]

this map is ok..

thankz for the comment ^^

and i liked.


sorry about that im just mad cuz whats his name de-listed my map pssss: if you have any good tile sets later on ill turn them into mine jumpers and give you the credit


trees dont have box's in real life. well i should'nt say that there are tree house's ;)
whats the matter no ideas >_<. ps: the only reson i made the tree maps was bcause i was board.


Nothing to apologise about, just saying ur in a good position.

thanks atob

your avatar is b'dass


you can vote again.


Let us all have our coolness!

is mine cool too?

yours too GHM, and atob, yours isnt cool, cuz you wont let me rate

Yes sir, indeed.

T'was supposed to be ironic.

thats my tree



the inverted carved one eh?

he got at like six

thats why the other ones are so high up, he cant reach..

And make that.

3 of my 4.
And mean.

You should set it loose on the little trees. Do me a favour :)

2 of his 4 featured

have trees.. these ones that i used even


Atob has a lot of history involving trees, if you cant tell :)



I hate these trees <3


If you want someones tits shut, have the honour of doing it yourself :/

pretty good

agree with GHM, and @cloudy window: shut your tits!


haha thats IS funny..

haha ghm

your funny.. :)
with the big tree.. :(

but it was different, but about that size, and i love your

with the big tree.. :(

but it was different, but about that size, and i love your


Dont mind her

Shes usually like this after coffee and hash.
i have never seen yours "cloudy_window"

oh damn

i made a big tree though. :D

Nice 2nd map

My only quarrel is the floorguard section at the beginning is too finicky. Half a tile more space in that area would be nice. Other than that, a solid action map. Atob'll go mad over the trees tho :P 3.5 up


this is quite hard though..