The Uplifting Map

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Author T3chno
Tags action author:t3chno bullet featured on playable rated the-inside
Created 2008-09-14
Last Modified 2008-09-14
by 52 people.
Map Data

Description This type of of map is the one I love to make. It's fun playtesting it, editting it, and playtesting it again.
This map has a ton of paths, in other words, one that has a many ways you can get a high score.
I'd love to see some AGDs here.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that there's a teleporter to the left of where you start. Should help navigating.

This map was featured on 2009-01-10

Are you ready for an uplifting experience? Look no further!

T3chno [] has brought us a wonderful present, The Uplifting Map! The suspense presented by the chainguns will most certainly keep you on your toes, and force you to use those helpful teleporters. Stealth and speed are your most important assets in this electrifying playground T3chno has constructed for us.

The open-ended aspect of the map grants you a certain freedom that is not attainable in most maps today, which is what makes this map a champ.


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i love

this map it frustrated me but i got there in the end great map 5aved.

how do you make the

plz reply.


Nice map, make more like it, and I will keep coming back.
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your maps are so route-filled. 5aved. loved the thwumps in the sides.
Demo Data

Slow AGD

I didn't even realize that was a teleporter at the bottom.
Still, very fun map. 4/5
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pretty fun map.
Demo Data

Fun map

Really solid gameplay. Faved.


fun to AGD
and its the perfect difficulty for me too


Demo Data
but I can see why it was featured, as it is different from most maps. Also, everyone else seems to like it, so I won't rate it

Very fun

Great chaingun placement too.



Thanks RF

& all.
Congratz T3chno.

Tiles were nice

surprisingly delicious despite tyhe variety
The chaniguns didn't seem to fit, I thought they didn't aim well. In addition, it felt a little spaced out, like I was watching it from afar.


no longer a 5k frame AGD :D
Demo Data

hard, but briliant

love the multiply paths and the chainguns


I love it

great map, 5


My AGD from a while ago beat Tunco123's :D

I'm gonna try again, and yes, we need some uplifting here. It seems as if I already rated so...


different route-could be executed better.
Demo Data

this is fantastic

i like how interaction with the chainguns isn't stressed
of one of the Neditor maps, but this was made before it, I really like it pleasing to play and easy to manueveure round 4


this is one of the most aesthetically interesting maps i have ever played. looks very cool. techno is someone who was actually in need of a feature.

nice map

and I like the thwumps

sub 2500 agd

I found a pretty good path I think.
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In my 3rd try.....
And excellent map....
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Mines looked a little ugly =/


to do teleporter´s?

Wow. 5aved.
WAYYYYYYYYYYY better than the dance commander.


I still love this.

Just plain and simple fun.
but it sure is fun :)