Crazy DDA (Hold Right)

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Author 0015006
Tags author:0015006 dda rated
Created 2005-09-18
Last Modified 2005-09-18
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description Absolutely the craziest DDA ive ever made.ok, ive modified my original crazy DDA so that its more exiting and also use very interesting means of propulsion! enjoy (userlevel friendly)There might be a glitch but ive never stUmbled upon it

ps. Remind me never to use edited launch pads again.

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Nice level mate, short but still exciting 5/5 was...

ok...short though, and kinda boring...3/5
5/5 i believe u. yeah they are hard to change well done! you deserve it


totally cool


Posotive: Good job, that was fast, exiting, and entertaining, 4/5
Negative: Could have lasted a bit longer


never had that glitch on mine! can't be stuffed fixing it anyway ive already spent 10 minutes on it today and thats enough :)
but.. there is a minor glitch, sometimes the rocket will hit you in the bottom left part of the map. All in all the level was well thought out i'll give you a 4 but if you can eliminate that bug i'll give you a 4.5 or maybe even a 5! You may want to try my first ever DDA!


That was actually reallt interesting and entertaining to watch. 3.5/5