Ground Zero

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Author wjbranson
Tags author:wjbranson dda rated
Created 2005-09-18
by 8 people.
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Description please think before you rate this. it took me a very very long time! i used gold delay but i think that's okay because i re-used jump pads a lot and still managed to create cool effects. i also used a lot of bounce blocks which is unusual for DDAs nowadays. it's about a minute long.

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totally. awesome.


sooo much gold delay ugh

its called

editing launch pads. there's a tutorial of how to do it on the forum.


Good job with the whole thing, it should be well-rated,I'm givin it a 4.5/5
(btw, what did you do to the very bottom left jump pad to get really fast?) (Thx)


good job dude! that was awesome. tons of close calls. +fav