The Scrappy[Latch Bros Remix]

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Author fishbone
Tags action author:fishbone playable rated
Created 2008-09-07
Last Modified 2008-09-07
by 5 people.
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Description I think there are quite a few possible paths whether or not you're going for all gold, despite the nature of the tileset. *shrugs*

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switches are there

if you don't want to deal with bottom rocket


pretty flowy in my eyes; i first thought i play a race map.
it's a little bit cheatable, because you don't have to get the switches....but i don't care about that.
solid submission
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thanks guys

yeah, at first it was a lot more restrictive, but I think opening it up like this made it much better


I like shortcuts. In general, it was a very good map
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another path

got all switches, but died at end
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But that just adds to it imo. The aeshetics were cool, the enemies were just right, Ill give it a 4.

one path

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