bridges: suspension bridge

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Author da_guru
Tags author:da_guru bridges experimental medium n-art playable unrated
Created 2008-07-16
Last Modified 2008-07-16
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Description partIII of the series bridges...
a suspension bridge (like golden gate bridge) this time, which
humans invented because they thought it would be useful to get onto the other side of the river... *lol* (no, but they're especially built to bridge longer distances - really)
did another time my best but it's nevertheless a quite difficult map I think
post replays, comments, ratings- you know...

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It's completable, but it isn't very fun, and it takes ages.
So like most of your maps, nice art, poor gameplay.
2.5 up
And I have rated most of the maps I commented on.

...the rest...

completion demo, no more comments like "this isn't playable!!!"
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watch how this works...
but you have to find out at least the rest !
Demo Data

is it possible?

if you jump in the gap between the floorguards, you have to wait till they passed but before you jump out of the gap again you're shot??! pls tell me how to do it right!


also tagged the last two maps of this series as "n-art"
I also could've tagged it as "n-artish" if you like this one better...:P

Looks very nice

in thumb, but you should consider as putting this on numa as N-art, because it's not sooperdooper good to play:)
very hard..