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Author X-325
Tags author:x-325 playable race rated
Created 2005-09-05
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description My friend made this with a little help from me.
he's new to N so....

don't think this is a noob map! i really enjoyed playtesting it.

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Nice, better than I could've done (since I am a ten year old noob)

yea i agree

but it was his fist map.
i say he did pretty good.

Not bad...

I enjoyed it. It was not as race-y as I would like, but very original: 4/5


well, i'll start with the good.
the map is fun.
but other than that, i dunno...i think its more of an action level considering a race is usually flowy, and i find myself being stopped at walls and waiting for things to pass... As an action level, its good, but as a race..
Also, the bounceblocks over the springs, they cause nothing but trouble.
i gave it a 3/5


"Don't Put sensors on top of drones. Just don't."
What's wrong with seeker drones? They make it faster, and often more enjoyable.

Even though I disagree with him, I don't think it's the greatest of levels.


Put sensors on top of drones. Just don't. Other than that, very good.


I thought it was fun, and it looks like your friend put effort into it