Upgraded Weapons

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Author lord_zecrus
Tags author:lord_zecrus dda dronemod nreality objectmod rated
Created 2008-07-11
Last Modified 2008-07-11
by 18 people.
Map Data

Press 1 before playing
All enemies have been modified to be more deadly: rockets are faster, chainguns have a smaller cooldown between each round, laser drones fire more often, and guass turrets lock onto N much faster and fire much more often. 1000 frames of intensity, best watched in FbF.

Dedicated to player03 and UnReality for discovering cool new uses for nreality mods, which inspired me to create this DDA.


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about that.
super map 5/5


Who says you cant make a good launchpad DDA?


Use of mods and i like the use of launchpads as well =) 5/5

Nice job

Thanks for the dedication!


Jeez that is just too amazing. 5/5aved ten times over.
It was just used for an earlier version of the map, forgot to take it out before.
I'm the one who builds NReality, I provided the interface only, it's the map authors like player_03 evil_bob etc who turned the stone into a gem

I love it when

the rockets go through the ninja.
But there are too many jump ads IMO, and there's no point to the door in the lower left corner.


But what's the other exit door for?