Finite City

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Author wahashimoto
Tags author:wahashimoto incomplete rated
Created 2005-09-02
Last Modified 2005-09-02
by 10 people.
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Description Well, this level i whipped up after playing some Smash Bros. I was thinking of Mute City, but as I made the level, I realised what an awesome flow it has. You can keep going 'round and 'round!

I didn't know what to do with the level in the end, so I need ideas! if anyone could help, please leave ideas -_- I'm hoping for a good race level!

Inclosed you will find a demo showing you this.
-Peach (If anyone doesn't get that...)

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Can I make a level from it


why didn't you call it "Infinite City"?
But it could be developed into a race map.... there just needs to be... a seperate section.


i killed myself pretty quickly, in order not to go on. you get the idea...
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