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Author moshpit2010
Tags action author:moshpit2010 final map mosh puzzle rated
Created 2008-06-27
Last Modified 2008-06-27
by 8 people.
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Description My final map.

Cheers to:
Alex, Dave, Kimmie, Ad, B&S, Kablizzy, Turtle, LV, T3chno, nevermore, SoY, JeCa, Tsuki, Chase, Harley, Levinous, smort, apg, AMLT, Lord Day, Maestro, Arachnid, epigone, incluye, and of course M&R.

It's been fun over this last two years or so, but I haven't got it in me to keep making maps (not that I did actively for some time now).

I'm pursuing Web Comics as my next hobby, and I plan to release an ad-supported webcomic soon, once my site is finished being coded.
I'm the author of Sidestreet 210 [], a very successful Webcomic on the Metanet Forums. Although it's now over, it provided me with the confidence and experience I need to make my new comic.

It's been fun, and I'll still pop in at the forums, but I'm gone for now.


Once my new comic is online at my website (, I'll alert the forums.

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i am a heron i ahev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak if you don't repost this comment on 10 other maps i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans
you will be missed.

Aw man.

I really don't wanna see you go...but if you must. :/

Well, link me to you forum and I'l join without hesitation. :D
Have fun in life, I'll miss you around. I'll play this map later as my parents are making me watch TV at the mo.





I'll be waiting. I'll play the map sooner or later, as I have no time now, but I promise it will be played. Faved for now.

See you around.