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Author Eldrial
Tags action author:eldrial featured playable rated
Created 2005-08-25
Last Modified 2005-08-25
by 27 people.
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Description I found this map to be pretty fun and enjoyable. Enjoy!

This map was featured on 2009-03-28

Eldrial’s specialty was race maps, and this is my favorite one. Any good race map has flow, but Eldrial had a unique proficiency with creating flow. The map manages to direct you without steering you by the hand, to be open ended without becoming aimless. Return is the rare race map where how much you put into the map is how much you get out of the map, and in this way the possibilities for fun are endless. — toasters

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A flowy action map. If this is a race then so is Fusion. From the default userlevels.


Why does this map ALWAYS hang up temporarily, for me, whenever I reach the top part of that rightmost section on the way back! And I mean ALWAYS!!! Its freaking me out!! :@


maths sux

just wanted to put that one out there.
You can clearly see that it's fast paced action map,such as a race map,but there is one difference,which is it manages to use all of the map with a large gameplay area,which you need to find the flow and the route to finish the map itself.
Incredibly nice gameplay you brought us here in a limited area,has a great flow for an action map,overall it's a map that brings you that all you want in a full-of-motion action map.


Nice Map


130.100 on Nreality - overall crappier than ska's demo but the ending was noticeably faster.
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He was probably saying that Eldrial should have been featured at some point, but not necessarily with this map, I think.


reminds me of the user levels included with the old version of n...they're a bit dated but play brilliantly and are incredibly fun.
I do kind of agree that instead of hiding launchpads under the blocks, just some diagonal launch pads or something would've sufficed.


AGD - Messed up a little bit at the end though still improvable.
128.425 on Nreality
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this was really fun. I think I was kinda expecting a race map from the feature description, but I don think its a race, more of a very flowy action map, which I think is what Eldrial intended. This is not incredibly ugly t3chno. Just because it only uses the most basic tiles and is symmetric does not make it ugly.
And I agree with Lucidium, the side chutes are awesome
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Quoted For Emphasis

Basically, chrise, I was hoping you would realise just how incongruous that statement sounds...







this map was way back in the day. By modern standards it might not be so impressive.

I still dig it though. Eldrial deserved a feature.


quite fun education?



what does that mean?
Gameplay was average.

I didn't like it...

And its more of a flowy action map than a race...

Just my opinion though. I'm giving a 3, because each section was wonderfully crafted.


I haven't been challenged quite like this in a race ever before. Fantastic.
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I think the jump pads inside the blocks work just fine. Great map, IMO.

I liked it

Aside from the bounce pads underneath the bounceblocks. I think they were a mistake.
Otherwise a good job. 4/5


yeah, the pads behind the bounce blocks are a surprise, and does take maybe one or two rounds to get used to.

have a completion demo. :)
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I didn't think it flowed well at first, because I was kinda scared of being launched into mines and whatnot. But once I put my trust in the pads, it flows fantastically. I love dropping down the side chutes with reckless abandon, and the centre section is great fun.