The Future Is Awesome

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Author prpperty
Tags action action-instead author:prpperty gauss playable rated rockets
Created 2008-05-01
by 8 people.
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Description Dedicated to elephant_shit for beating me on chimneying.

Part 9 of Action Instead series.

Rockets and gauss mix. AGD is hard - very hard, completion is medium. First AGD gets a dedication on my DDA I'm trying to complete.

If you want to see the series, click Action-Instead tag.

Umm... Enjoy? Maybe?

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something is simply...wrong.
i think its the gold..

thx for the ded

agd is hard...
nooby completion on nreality

Yeah I know destiny

But when I saw that it was to late to fix - map was rated :(


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Action instead!
AGD, which is real slow, but I was desperate for the ded
Demo Data