7 Rooms of Survival (V2-Easy)

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Author madman948
Tags author:madman948 rated suvival
Created 2008-04-20
by 6 people.
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Description This is my First map, so be nice.
In this level there are 7 rooms that are like small survival levels, exept you have to get all of the switches to get to the next room.
This map has two difficulties, easy (This map)
Or Hard ( )

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I agree with sTalkR

this map needs work.
3/5, it's your first.
try to make it more attractive and better looking
you think this maps too easy?

Anyway the map isnt bad, and hiding things in the walls isnt too terrible (at least for me) unless its a thwump which is more than likely to kill you.

And theres an edit button by the name of the map so you can make changes without reposting it. And reposting the same map because it got bad ratings earlier is going to give you worse ratings



some advice...

1. hiding stuff in the walls is NOT cool.
2. try to spend more time on the design of the tiles/ the layout of the map. just dividing it into seven squares is not very innovative, and has been done a thousand times before.

since this is your first map, all this is typical. just try to improve from map to map and you'll be alright.

dont be so sure of yourself. accept bad ratings, dont shout "sniping" everytime you get some that arent as high as you wish them to be.

this map might look really cool and genius in your eyes, but it isnt. sorry.


besides the fact that one has been sniped, yes there is a diffrence, Why do you have to ruin it already? by almost sniping my first two maps?
I will just quit now to make you happy....


wats the difference