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Tags author:pavement flowy hard-medium jumper-puzzle-ish playable puzzle race rated
Created 2008-04-14
Last Modified 2008-04-14
by 8 people.
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Description If you find the right route, you can get all gold in one flowy run. It has some careful jumping, though- fast, but controlled. I think it'd work well as a race, but I didn't want to make route obvious...

Anyway, enjoy! I like this one a lot.

EDIT: Less pretty, but more gold. Hopefully more incentive to do it properly :)

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o nvm

i got confused for a while.
this is formica's level and yours


for coping a map []


found this on random mapping in nreality.
havnt got a great route yet, but im 0th on the nreality hs list after like 5 tries, so ohwell XD

anyway, 4/5, couldve used some tweaking but all in all very good.


found the same route :D

5aved - nice race ^^


Not seen your route, i'm gonna check if it's same as mine :D
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Great race.


I was trying for a controlled race, of sorts. Probably doesn't really count as one. I'll add the gold!
otherwise there isn't much point in getting all the gold..


It shows the flow but its hard to do it, not much of a race but a very fun map 4/5

AGD demo

It's not nearly as fast as it could be, but it shows the route pretty clearly. Beat me?
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