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Tags astroturf author:nightmare619 bitesized featured rated
Created 2008-03-24
by 22 people.
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Description Keep off the astroturf

This map was featured on 2008-06-19

Astroturf [], by experimental author NIGHTMARE619 [], at first looks random and haphazard, but quickly reveals itself to be a classic rocket dodger in a postmodern skin. With mines placed to devastating effect and gold a varied as a patchwork quilt,
Astroturf [], as one will see if one plays it, is much more than first greets the eye. — gloomp

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harder than i remember
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I wrote it for the review contest and had no plans of submitting it, but Arachnid said the reviewers should submit their entries.

Oh yeh, nightmare.

I wasn't having a go, this is a fun map :)

And postmodern?

I guess I must be missing something.

More to meets the eye? Unless I'm mistaken you can 'get this' at a glance.

I'm not saying it's unworthy of feature, that's down to taste, but you guys could try to put a little more thought into these reviews.

Heh, thanks guys.

And yeah, it's totally generic, astheoceansblue (rocket bounceblock map, who's ever done that before), but I thought it was fun, so it didn't really bother me. ;)


but solid.
i can't believe i didn't comment, the gold is what really stands out to me, i love the dif cluster forms, and somehow it works, brilliant map.
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Pretty cool map. Great gameplay.
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Hope you don't mind?

oh OK Nightmare..

I see what you mean - that's a good take on it, and thanks for the polite response. Keep it up!

I love Astroturf.

Both of them, in fact.

I love Astroturf.

/me stays on the Astroturf.

Thanks, guys.

I honestly didn't love it too much either as far as playing goes, ska. However, I liked how it immediately provoked action, y'know? You had to get jumping -at the start of the map-. Either way, thanks for the great demo.
might wanna change it?


you could slot this in any episode pack and it would work a treat..
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You used the rocket to its limits. The bounce blocks worked great with the mines and the rocket put some nice pressure on the player. I also like the different gold patterns you had going on, fun to collect.

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Nice rockety action.