Strip Mining down by the Power Plant

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Author Onesevennine
Tags action author:onesevennine hard playable raceish rated rtf
Created 2008-02-07
Last Modified 2008-02-08
by 5 people.
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Description Another try at a race; well, Flowish Action, Race, whatever you want to call it. I admit the path may seem a bit vague: but, the golds point in certain directions for a reason! Demo included as well.

RCE this and I'll do the same for one of yours.

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I really like this map. Good step out of generic races.


messed up less

really good.
You should tag this as RTF.
Demo Data
Demo Data

Very Nice.

Interesting flow, and doesnt look like all the other race maps today.
fun race, could definitely be more flowy, but fun. 4.
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