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Author fate_of_disaster
Tags author:fate_of_disaster bitesized cool fast fun jungle mechanical playable race rated
Created 2008-01-15
by 18 people.
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Description my first race! kind of reminds you of a jungle, doesnt it? it may be a little rough in places, but remember, its a jungle, not a skate park. comments are appreciated as well as ratings.


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hmm, nice,

but a bit on the hard side. still fun though. 4/5

bad gold placement

but the rest was awesome
keep on doing!
but it reminds me of a rare race from krusch called el dorado which I finished. Here's a link: As you can see I was pretty new at map-making back then...
my only qualm is the downwards one-ways kind of halts the flow but sized and demo'd un Nreality.
But it's his first map.. that's unbelievable..
for a jungle type of map...

whats so bad about it?

I beat everyone!

Fastest AGD yet
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Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me... but I think I read that this is your FIRST race. O_o


The gold placement basically, technially, literally, really sux like hell! Its like it was done by a noob!

Nevermind, it's rude to criticize people who make unbelievably cool races like these. 4.5

It was alright.

And the gold is ugly :_(


*shouts to other guy who helped make the map*

Hahahahaha *wets himself laughing* they all know fate, but *pauses for laughing* apparantly *laughs again* no-one has ever heard of disaster XD

which i find hard to believe, i feel an amateur in comparison XD. i think it's because you dont make as many of the races, and we kinda mention this account in our last collab XD


I didn't like this map a lot. It was easy to get lost in some parts and some of the flow was a pain in the ass.

Dont tak this badly, because I don't hate the map, I'm just sharing my constructive opinion.

Maybe try to make the path ways more easy to recognise and maybe uncheatable. Great first race though, and hopefuly you can fix some of the flaws in your next one

FATE_of disaster... DESTINY....

there is a connection here =]

anyways I rate it 4. it's okay, but not special


VERY NICE! I put you in first place. Very good. Nice tileset, nice objects, nice flow... everything! perfect! not too hard, not too easy! This is the best thing...ever! I've been rating everything else too high.. this deserves at least a 5.5!! 5/5 for now!

I'm sorry

but I think you are destiny as well. I've been getting maps from numa for two and a half years and I have never, never seen a first race with no flow flaws, good object placement, good tileset and good enemy placement. No rating from me until I know it's you destiny...


thanks guys


to the top-rated page btw. You're #2 on there.


Nice flow, great looking, great enemies, fast-paced, and multi-path too!
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I love the map!

The Map flows so well. 5aved! I didn't realize that there was a longer way too, because i assumed the flow was the second way. Doesn't matter. Great Map!
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oh come on,

this is sooo you destiny

i garante you,

im not -destiny^-


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two paths. I had no choice but to give a high rating. :]
Nice Flow. 4.5/5
That it's scary. Are you sure you're not him, multi-accounting? 4.5aved for really nice flow, a well done tileset, no zap drone timing, and well-placed mines.
etremely fast paced in some places
didnt have time to think
but the gold was pretty spammy =/
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the route

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