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Author Icareane
Tags action author:icareane fun hard playable rated
Created 2007-11-23
by 8 people.
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Description You know the basic story, you've been working on a new sunporch or something and then suddenly the place is infested with laser shooting drones and then you're like "omfg" and they're like "haha, lol hax" and then you have to get to the switch and you're like "noes!" and they're...

Okay not. It's been quite a long time after my last map... Been busy. Under Construction is quite difficult though it may seem easy. I've yet to complete all gold. I honed the drone paths and "construction holes" for quite long to make it harder and hectic.


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easy on the snap-rating there. 0 just coz you died far into the level. wtf? seriously - dont rate down coz of your ineptitude. besides - i checked and saw that both you and Biznotch dont even have a 2 ninja rating between you. hmmm - i wander who the noobs are.

good level. 4/5 hard


I bet you and Biznotch are the same guy. E-mail them also about double accounting. bitch. oh, and thanks for the snipes.


i hate when you die far into the level soooo..... ill give you a zero


man tough level. but really fun. 4/5
sized if i cood =]
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