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Author n-biginner
Tags author:n-biginner fun gliches glitch playable rated
Created 2007-11-14
Last Modified 2007-11-15
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description all the glitches is here
no code edit
if there still more tell me
NO GOLD DELAY BECAUSE glitch is glitch not GD
added more
enemies is snipers
enemies go through normal doors
enemies shoot but cannot
ninja go through thick walls
isnt the jump pads boost ninjas speed
why did it save him form falling down
find out here
*huff puff*
if theres three gold theres a glitch
pls dont snipe
all in all 29 glitches
some may not have gold to reduce the loading

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this comment

is from my cellphone
because my cellphone has internet
and now my load is now 0
so bye bye before i......



haha nice level dude


haha nice level dude

too easy

everyone knows these glitches

and if you dont *cough*n00b*cough*
maybe you should start with code-edits