The Great Escape

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Author Spitt78
Tags author:spitt78 collecting escape gold great rated
Created 2007-11-05
Last Modified 2007-11-08
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description The first map that I've actually put some work in. Gold collectors rejoice; there is plenty of gold to collect here and try to achieve. Also, if you try to go for all the gold, record a demo. If you're a normal player, this map is relatively fast-moving. I'm going to try for a harder map next timeĀ—there aren't enough enemies in this one. Good luck, everyone!
EDIT: For people playing this on Userlevels, this isn't a very Userlevels-friendly map. If it were made to be played in Debug mode, it would be far easier, because of the jumppad debug-only thing. Sorry about this! Also an added note, the next map I make is GOING to be harder and it WILL have better flow.


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