A1-4 :: Hologram of What You Once Were

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Author apg
Tags ambience author:apg bitesized boss end featured mountain rated the towers
Created 2007-10-31
by 32 people.
Map Data

Description Time is running out.

This map was featured on 2015-06-02

The first maps I ever played impressed themselves on my perception as vivid worlds brimming with lush and intriguing atmospheres. All of apg's maps are bizarre trips in their own right, but this one in particular struck me with its enormously deep atmosphere; an eery and inviting stillness, alien and yet strangely and tantalizingly familiar. Had I discovered this map recently, the "trick" would maybe be less perplexing than it was when I did discover it, but it's still very subtle and clever and I whenever I return to this map it's as enjoyable as ever. — Losttortuga

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awesome concept

real nice yo

I tried

making a level with this concept once, yours came out MUUUUUUUUUUUCH better. 4.5


very cool, gets old quick-ish though
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Demo Data
Demo Data


Brilliant, flawless.


Shame this cheat (presumably) is actually easier than the intended route.
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bit faster

Demo Data

all gold

wait... there is no gold.. ok .. completion. Very interesting map.. about as good as a map gets without any tempting gold.
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Man I love this concept. One ways make me happy inside.

wow thats hard

and awesome.
but I don't know about that.