Mecanical Monster III: Under Constrution

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Author b3njamin
Tags author:b3njamin bitesized hard mechanical-monster n-game n-race race rated
Created 2007-10-20
Last Modified 2011-04-26
by 22 people.
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Description :P done!

3: (bitesized)

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Turtle obviously doesn't know what makes a race.
Demo Data
The race is alright.

decent demo

could go a bit faster with a few more goes. you actually need to be fast with those drones - im a reasonable player - especially with races - and i had an awkward time with those for a while.
wtf kinda excuse is that turtle? "the tileset put me off" its exactly the reason that you are "10000 members before" that simple things like that shouldnt put you off. youre not a noob to randomly stare at the level mumbling "mmm pretty tiles" and drooling out your mouth while playing.
to me this level was short and sweet - it has a lot of room for improvement (from my demo at least). it looks good. it plays well.
4.5/5 and faved
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i like it a lot

i do not think its too short or distracting, 4.5/5 and yes bitesise worthy

i like it

but too short, and i had to delete drones to complete XD, i must still be noobish

i personly like

the tile set
only one who likes your races


the tileset is distracting, yes that is right.
but that is why its so hard, I always do that on the mechanical monster series. (look at the others)

2nd try.

I like how I can have an adventure. Though, the right part isn't very creative. Also, the tileset is too distracting.
Demo Data

And also

Beating the drones is an unrealistic goal. It was very difficult for me, to the point where I wasn't motivated anymore.


I don't think there's anything wrong with a race with precision and intricacy of route. I like piecing the route together bit by bit. And you're acting pretty arrogant, with the "and I came over 10000 members before you, so listen up."


Demo Data


i can barely play it, i got a new gamecard (even tho its like, the best you can possibly get) and it lags worse than the old one (WTF?)

well i loved it

thats why i sized it and the first one 2

but if you make another one make it longer
I do agree on some of your points, like the length and the odd enemy use. (though some of your points were purely taken from your own perspective..."Tileset bothered my eyes." "...because of a stupid mistake, in my eyes.")

Really, it looks like you took a TS and made a race in it, which is not necessarily bad, but you're crippling yourself in a way by doing so. A race can be 1700 frames long and still look sick, and at some point, looks cease to matter when its short because of them. The beginning ~4 jumps were also pretty stereotypical (as in the 3 tiered jump style).

3. Looks cool, too short, kinda generic.
but it was a little laggy. tileset is real nice. some of the jumps were a little weird in places. but overall, pretty good.
you would have had a 3.5

But still, it was kinda fun. ish.

Yo, ben.

I am your 'sniper n00b.'

and I came over 10000 members before you, so listen up.

In my eyes this is nowhere near bitesize worthy because:

1. Too short. -1
2. You expect us to know exactly when to jump. Races are better if you can beat them on your first try, or if you mess up because of a stupid mistake, in my eyes. -1
3. what was up with that stationary drone? -.5
4. Tileset bothered my eyes. -1

and now

5. you complaining about a 1.5: -1

i gave you a 1.5/5

listen to my constructive critisism, and I think you will get a heck of a lot more bitesizes. :)

i love this map



I had about 5+5+4.5= 5
now I have 5+5+4.5+0=4!
damn sniper noob

Pretty cool.

A little short.
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ist my 10th bitesized map thank you!




is a much better demo be-happy!

loved it!!!!

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scewed up in the end
the end is hard to flow, because I didn't want to use a laughpath
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